Write For Us: Inspire Others

Do you have something to share with our audience? Are you looking to help others be the best they can be? We welcome you to submit an article to be published on our website.

Our Audience: Who To Write For

Our content is written for entrepreneurs and small business owners. Among them are individuals looking to streamline their work, grow their businesses, lead their employees and feel accomplishment and purpose.  They are looking for insights from other entrepreneurs, thought leaders and professionals from supporting industries (ex. lawyers or marketers).

Topics That Do Well On Our Site

  • Time Management
  • Finding Motivation
  • Maintaining Drive
  • Marketing Ideas
  • Goal Execution
  • Leadership
  • Inspiration
  • Lessons I learned

Tips For Writing An Appropriate Article

It would be good for you to read through our blog posts when planning your own post. Each writer has his or her own style and yet there is a cohesiveness which you would be expected to fit into. Here are some of the things that work for us:

  • Have a clear thesis or argument
  • Use 600–2,500 words to build your case
  • Organize your ideas under headings
  • Cite sources where appropriate
  • Write a compelling hook at the beginning of your article
  • Illustrate what you are saying with examples

What We Are Not Looking For

We do not publish work that has been previously published elsewhere OR will be published elsewhere. We will not publish your content if it advertises a particular product or service (although reviews may be accepted). This is an opportunity to inspire others not to drive traffic to a site of your choosing.

How To Submit An Article

Email us your article as a plain text file or a link to a Google document. We will reply to this email if we see potential in what you have written. Please be prepared to do revisions under our direction. (We will not change what you have written without your consent.) Your article will be published as a blog post once this process is complete.

We look forward to reading your work!