Success in business means many things to many people. To one person it means paying the monthly bills and putting food on the table. To another it means having a cottage at the lake with a couple of toys. To others it means health, happiness and enjoying life, family and friends. To some it means becoming independently wealthy and to a few it means sharing that wealth.

There are many ways in which someone can become successful. All those who share success in business also share a common theme; purpose and passion. Many entrepreneurs are in business because they are passionate about what they do. Purpose and passion are the road maps to success.

[quote cite=’Brian Tracy’ align=’right’]Successful people are always looking for opportunities to help others.[/quote]It is a great gesture to provide advice and other services to clients for free. YES, I said FREE. When you share your knowledge and advice to a client from your area of expertise for free, It’s like “paying it forward”. It not only surprises them, it also makes them feel they are truly cared for. You will be the person that they come to when they need the products and services that your company offers. Money is a great motivator, but can easily take the focus off others. When our focus is on helping others, we will find greater satisfaction and in the end, our business will be better for it.

Be honest with your clients! If you don’t provide a service they need, don’t be afraid to send them to the competition. They will most often gain a greater respect for you and your company. Even tell them to mention that you sent them over there! Not only will it shock your competition, they may refer someone to your business when a client seeks a service you provide, but they do not.

Acts such as these will increase trust and brand loyalty. It always pays off to put others first. This is a principle that works in every area of your life and is the greatest way to live.

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Ryan Boutin

Ryan Boutin

Entrepreneur and Marketer, Ryan is driven by a passion to help people grow their business. As CEO of Zeal Media Inc, a web development and marketing firm located in Saskatoon, Canada, Ryan's mission is simple; Implement custom strategies to launch small businesses to drastic growth. With a vision to reach more people, InspireCast was born.

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