A couple weeks ago I met with a potential client who is looking to redesign their current e-commerce website. What I saw when I visited their current website, blew my mind!

Their current e-commerce website has been in operation SINCE 1998! What shocked me the most is that, though antiquated, the website is still functional and brings in sales each month. It was not an awful website, just dated. An operational website is important when it comes to e-commerce, but equally important is navigation, design and of course, driving sales.

When thinking about the potential sales left on the table over the years, I instantly get excited for the future of this company. The owner has determined that it’s time to turn to the professionals to improve their website. I must say, I was impressed when I heard that the company started the website in 1998, after all, that’s around the time I got connected to the internet myself and started designing websites.

With technology and the rapid growth of online commerce, a company like this is FULL of untapped opportunity. With sales pages, squeeze pages, cross promotion, social media and a plethora of marketing options, the potential is massive!

After an hour long meeting, we brainstormed ideas and strategy on growing their business online. Presenting numerous options and educating the client on methods and techniques often inspires them to move forward, but seeing the potential doesn’t always put plans into action.

I am a visionary. I have trained myself to look for growth potential in each business I cross paths with. I thrive on the challenge of marketing small businesses and when the client sees the potential for themselves, fire ignites and the business is on it’s way to the next level… the problem is, very few business owners see the potential enough to initiate action.

[quote cite=’Ryan Boutin’ align=’right’]The harder the climb the more rewarding the view from the top.[/quote]Understandably, there are many reasons a business owner would avoid the risk, but usually reasons are simply hurdles, not walls. When we take a reason and use it as an excuse, it’s as if we are convincing ourselves to live a mediocre life. Living an average life is ok, most take that road, but if you truly want to leave a mark, the potential is there!

[mark]Leaving a mark on this world is a tough journey.[/mark]

The path is narrow, the path has weeds growing all over it, mud puddles and stones in the way. It’s uphill, hard on the body and if you are carrying too much, you will find yourself dropping items along the way. BUT, the thing is, that path… it leads to the most beautiful view. The journey will transform you and give you a better perspective—few will ever see.

Today, right now, what project or idea have you put on hold? What excuse did you accept? What lie do you tell yourself? YOU have MORE potential that you will EVER realize! Don’t waste another minute. Grab a pen and write down that ONE thing that you MUST do. Look at it. Read it. Memorize it. Tell others.


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Ryan Boutin

Ryan Boutin

Entrepreneur and Marketer, Ryan is driven by a passion to help people grow their business. As CEO of Zeal Media Inc, a web development and marketing firm located in Saskatoon, Canada, Ryan's mission is simple; Implement custom strategies to launch small businesses to drastic growth. With a vision to reach more people, InspireCast was born.

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