My first thought when I’m thinking of LinkedIn is the fact that it has the biggest income per user from all social media websites. Here you can find most top entrepreneurs, professionals and managers, people earning in excess of 100,000 USD/year with budgets to spend and with buying decision at the touch of the mouse.

LinkedIn is the most common networking site amongst professionals and business personnel. LinkedIn is not only meant for professionals and jobseekers, it is a big source of increasing your business connections.

It can be used for making result driven partnerships that could help in growing your business and generating potential leads for it. LinkedIn makes a valuable addition to your marketing strategies, and helps to get best results from your efforts.

LinkedIn provides opportunity for generating quality leads on consistent basis. It also helps in driving potential and targeted traffic over your website. Following are the certain tips that you can follow for doing better LinkedIn marketing:

1. Find Target Audience or Potential Connections

LinkedIn provides numerous opportunities for targeting your prospective customers. Know your target audience and search them to get beneficial connections that will be an asset for sales and brand. Targeting audience can be classified according to company size, industry type, etc.

2. Involve Visuals

Visuals are more engaging than the content updated over your LinkedIn page. Include catchy graphics in your posts and profile page. LinkedIn profile is the best place to showcase your work with creativity. You can add screenshots, infographics, slide shows and links of demonstrative videos.

3. Create Showcase Page

Create a showcase page for your business. Showcase pages allows you to extend your business page to cover all the needed aspects of business. It offers many of the features like company pages. It has two column feed design that allow you to highlight most relevant and important part of your content.

4. Key Optimization

Include significant keywords in your content which are according to your business and make it easier for the user to discover you on search engine. Include the list of specialties of your company and use it as keyword to discover you in search engines. It will also increase ranking of your page on search engine.

5. Join Discussion Group

There are many industrial groups running on LinkedIn which are valuable, insightful and best source of showcasing your profile online. By joining these groups, you can learn from others present there, ask questions and share your own expertise. These groups provide opportunity to show your skills and promote your business there.

6. Tag Your Connections in Your Posts

You can also tag your connections into the post or update done by you. This increases the chances of your post being getting viewed by your connections. Tagging your post will send a notification to your connection which on clicking will direct them to your post. Always remember that tagging your connections regularly may annoy them.

7. Have Sponsored Updates

Sponsored updates helps in boosting updates, posts, discussions and advertisements over LinkedIn. These are highly targeted to meet all your marketing needs. It helps in earning high ROI for your business from LinkedIn marketing.

LinkedIn provides platform to business to develop and generate great ROI through it. Above tips would help you to attain the unmatched benefits for LinkedIn marketing.

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