I’ve received a lot of Inspiration and Confirmation surrounding a very consistent complaint I’ve heard from a lot of people lately:

“I’m not happy, I feel like I’m not getting to my goal soon enough.”

Frustration surrounding not being “there… yet” is pervading almost everyone I speak to.

Below is a video that has kinda put it over the top for me as far as actually producing something talking about this topic. Jeremy’s story is amazing – but here’s the thing I hope you can take away from it: He couldn’t see how his dots connected in the moment! No one can.

His story and his impact on people around the world is inspiring in itself – But flip it onto YOU!

What are you working on today? What are you spending your time doing and accomplishing this weekend? Here’s a quick hint – if you start your sentence with “I’m only…” — you’re doing it wrong!

I seriously doubt that ANYONE reading this, this far is only doing ANYTHING this weekend! If you’re reading this, I’m pretty sure you’re inspired and doing inspiring things! Only spending an hour with your kids, for example, is NOT an only!!

So – the wrong part I’m pointing at is more how you perceive and think about what you are only doing… And how that matters, will matter, and will continue to matter forever. Your daily actions WILL impact someone, somehow… So what can you do to maintain your enthusiasm while you’re in the trenches?

#1 Enjoy the Journey

REALLY understand what it means to fall in love with the process. One client recently told me that if they look at their results, they aren’t happy… but if they look at their daily life, every day over the last 6 months – they are pretty ecstatic! They LOVE how they are living, what they are doing, and how their existence has changed over the last few months.

That tells me that person is enjoying her life, but when they look at things from one perspective or the other, the perceived enjoyment of life is dramatically different! (This person is building an empire and is seeing consistent, constant progress down that path, just fyi…)

After Step One, understanding and appreciating your daily existence, comes step #2!

#2 Enjoying Little Successes

LOOK at the “right things”! Your perception of what is happening to you and through you, is the key to consistently ENJOYING your day! The richest men and women in the world, the most powerful, most successful – if they are focused on the challenges they face, the struggles between them and making their largest impacts, they will live as frustrated and grumpy people!

On the other hand – if they look at what they are doing daily, accomplishing, seeing the tiny steps and CELEBRATING those tiny steps for the HUGE WINS they really are, then, they tend to be pretty happy!

What Can You Do?

DAILY – create a daily habit where you write down 3-5 things that happened, that made you FEEL GOOD! Not wins necessarily, not impact you had, but what made you FEEL GOOD.

That simple practice will dramatically affect your perspective – instead of writing down your to-do list for tomorrow (you can do that in the morning), jot down a few things that were GOOD to FEEL today! Next step – review those weekly or monthly and compile a huge list of “good feelings” you had this week, month, year… then look at those frequently!

You are a winner, your existence is at least partly simply for your enjoyment – and to impact others probably! How can you do both those things? FEEL GOOD as much as possible!

Feel good about what you did today, yesterday… last week. Remember and focus on those good feelings! It’s in that “feel good” position that you will have the most dramatic (positive) impact on those around you!

Below is an inspiring video – hope you enjoy it! There are a lot of messages in it. I believe there is NO WAY this guy Jeremy had ANY idea his life would develop this way when he was in high school, being told he was an idiot! You can’t see where your dots are leading!!! That means that while you are in the dots – the best thing to do is FEEL GOOD!

I’m Possible.Here it is… my past, present and future. To every single human in the world who thinks they can’t do something… this one is for you.

Posted by Jeremy Cowart on Tuesday, February 16, 2016


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