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Consistency: The Key to Success

There are many methods and roads to success. Some believe that if you work hard your whole life, you are guaranteed succeed. Some believe that you must give back and pay it forward in order to succeed. Some believe it’s all about making the right choices and some believe it’s all about being the in right place at the right time. These are all good things, but above all, the key to success is most found through consistency.

I have been an avid podcast listener for the last year or so. I will listen while I work, some days listening to as many as ten episodes. I have found great inspiration and knowledge in the handful of podcasts I listen to. Some are geared to entrepreneurs and some to online marketers. When I find a good podcast, it’s more than just great content, it’s also important that it is frequent and consistent.

I have been listening to John Lee Dumas’ Entrepreneur on Fire podcast for over a year. It is always intriguing and inspiring. John interviews successful entrepreneurs and posts a new podcast daily. At the time of this post, he has produced over 1229 episodes! It all began on my 11th wedding anniversary, September 22, 2012.

Recently I went back to the beginning, where Entrepreneur on Fire all began… Episode #1. The way John speaks of how rough the first few podcasts went, I was expecting to listen and be embarrassed for him. Episode one had begun and I was not let down. Not because the podcast was “rough”, but because it was a great start.

It is always the darkest before the dawn.

John has been extremely consistent in his podcast, and because of this, he has also found great success. Along the way, many have told him that he would crash and burn if he did a daily podcast. His longevity and consistency has proved all the naysayers wrong.

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From episode one, John has kept the same format, the same questions and taglines. His branding consistency has helped grow the podcast and put John in front of people who have experienced astounding success.

Consistency seems easy looking forward. We can bear down, tell ourselves that we are there for the long haul, but when things look bleak, naysayers voice their opinion and the passion wanes, our choice MUST BE consistency and follow through. It is always the darkest before the dawn.

Be as consistent as the sun.
Whether your goal is building a business, trying to lose that last ten pounds, being the world’s best dad, or learning a new language. Consistency is the key to success that will help you reach your goals. Never Stop.

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    May 17, 2016 at 9:20 am — Reply

    Consistency is everything! Longevity cannot be achieved without it

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