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Darryl W. Lyons

Co-Founder of PAX Financial Group, LLC and Author of Small Business Big Pressure. Endorsed by two NY Times bestselling authors (Dave Ramsey & Dan Miller), an NBA Hall of Famer, and 16 successful business owners. His business is considered one of the best places to work in San Antonio and one of the fastest growing companies in the city (SA Business Journal). He has been a contributor for the Good Men Project and the San Antonio Express News. Darryl was recognized as one of the top 40 business people under 40 and the mayor of San Antonio named a park, the Darryl W Lyons Park, after his work helping to redevelop part of the city.

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As a business owner, we are often reviewing the various aspects of our business to ensure our company is profitable. In order to increase the bottom line we can either increase sales or decrease expenses. Darryl Lyons writes about his hands on experience that made him look differently at cutting costs.

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